Patrick van Broeckhuijsen


I’m Patrick, I live in Eindhoven and I dedicate most of my time to working at Prodrive Technologies as a mechatronics engineer. A place where I can thruly thrive as a human-being. Most of my work spans the robotics and embedded systems department.

The other hours of the day you can find me building oil separators and pickling bath solutions at

Together with Lukas I’m building a place to manage your student house at Go ahead and dive right into the code base at GitHub.

Over the weekend, I usually spend my time on a combination of software and electronic projects. These projects range from reverse-engineering the tennis court reservation app, to developing electronics for my home automation. The latter I might write an article about some time. Most of the software I write is open sourced on my GitHub.

When I’m not building new things, I like to read and write about productivity. Writing - in general - helps me clear my mind, and by reading I gain new insights which I can apply in my daily life.

Usually, when you can’t find me behind my desk, I’m breaking a sweat by going for a run before dawn or playing tennis.

Get in touch

I enjoy learning new things and meeting new people with a proactive mindset, so consider this an open invitation to send a cold email.